Why do Mexicans deny their ******* (sub-Saharan African) ancestry?

Are they afraid that even liberals will oppose Mexicans immigrating to the US if this ancestry becomes public knowledge?

Actual Llewen

Have you actually ever SEEN a Mexican? I live in Los Angeles. In a Latino Ghetto called Echo Park I see Mexicans in droves every time I leave my house Mexicans do not look black They are a combination of Aztec/Mayan Indians and Spanish You are thinking of Brazilians


Mexican's aren't afraid of themselves, i have actually met afro-mexicans and they are quite proud of their ancestry, but most mexican's have no african ancestry at all, most are "meztizo" which means they are mixed with the indigenous tribes of mexico and the spanish. i myself am mixed with german, spanish and huichol. You might be thinking about othe latin american countries that are more related to africa such as dominican republic, puerto rico, cuba and possibly brazil. And if any are shy about their ancestry, so what? one person doesn't represent an entire country. Just like white people are shy when talking about their slave trade ancestry :)


Because they don't have sub Saharan African ancestry. Their brown skin is likely due to convergent evolution. Mexicans are closest related to the mongoloid race (Asians).