Do you aqree that this would be the perfect strawberry soda?

it would have the good taste point of cherry coke combined with the feel of the energy drink monster. the reason that coke is so popular is of its stronger taste in deeper sweetness and a stronger taste and feeling in the mouth, and the added special flavor of the taste of cherry just made it that more special. so, all we needa to do is make a strawberry soda with a stronger deeper sweetness in its taste like that of cherry coke feel, but without coke in it, then add the energy feeling taste given by the monster energy drink. this special strawberry soda would be definitely great to be created this way, right. am i correct. strawberry fanta is not as successful as cherry coke is that the strawberry taste in it is not that deep and strong in sweetness and not as stronger and deeper mouth feel like the cherry coke, that's why it is not nice enough in that ground. so, we needa to fix that strawberry taste to make it to have that stronger tasting mouth feeling in the deeper sweetness and special tasted like that of cherry coke, but without coke and with the added energy feel similar to the likes of monster energy drink.


I would need the taste test to know.