How would the omnipotent lord overturn one plus one equal two to one plus one equal three in human loqic case?

would this be a perfect trap to his power since he can do it in his loqic, the super natural loqic, but may not be able to do it in human loqic, cause if somethiqn is impossible in human loqic, then it is indeed impossible to do for such limited situatin. it would be like sayinq to make a five years old boy to beat prime michael jordan in a one on one matchup of basketball. see, in human loqic that is impossible, then it will be a definite impossible.

Shiksa Genius

No, this proves your limitations, not God's. God is omnipotent but also omniscient. You are basing this on a God only omnipotent. But experience tells me you won't get it.


He would not do that because He has created order in the universe of which mathematics is a large part.

Atheist Anthony

Someone has swapped the "g" and "q" keys on your keybaord.