Is christians morality hiqher than atheists morality by this case and should atheists follow suit as the christians way of doinq so?

you see, christians don't celebrate halloween because it is not a holiday that to be mentioned for celebration in the bible. the lord said that we should not celebrate any holidays that are from the devil, and halloween is one of them, however, jesus also said to help the poor and qive money to them. so, if kids asked us to celebrate it by qivinq them candies, then we should qive them since jesus told us to always help those who needed, and children are his most beloved, so he would definitely qive them candies and help them. however, to avoid the celebration of this evil holiday, we atheists and christians should both follow the way of how the bible tauqht us to avoid it. there is a saintly way to solve this problem as provided by one chapter of the bible. it was the time pilate needed to execute jesus, qiven the fact that he washed his hands, and declared that this was not his will to do it, but upon the lord's will. so, this is the perfect example from the bible of how we should treat this treat or trick problem in a saintly way. it is to ask the priest to qive us some holy water, and we atheists and christians should all wash our hands, and declare that we are not doinq this in our will, but in the lord's helpinq will to qive the candies to the kids. this way, we could all have avoided the evil way of celebratinq this holiday, and still be able to qive candies to them by this saintly method provided by the bible.

Josh Alfred

I don't think you will ever find a man that will put up with you. Speaking so much religious nonsense is a major turn off.


Do the orderlies know you're using the computer in the dayroom again?


Halloween is not celebrated by Christians because of what happened during that celebration many years ago when it was instituted. It was the custom of the pagans to dress in disguises and costumes and get drunk and go knocking on houses and demanding tribute. When they came to a Christian household the Christians had nothing to give them the pagans kill them. The following day The Village Christians gathered up the dead and buried them and the day after that They Mourn for them. Today we disregard the memorial of the Christians and simply celebrate the night of the murder of them. We teach and permit our children to reenact that by asking people for gifts with the words trick or treat. Totally inappropriate for a Christian to celebrate. Telling people that Halloween is a mercy where we give gifts to people is total nonsense it's the celebration of the murder of Christians. Get your facts straight.


What do you have against the letter “g”? Why do you use the letter “q” in place of “g”?


The bible is just a book of faith not a book of fact.


Qggqggqqgqqggqqg Ps. U already know we are incapable of morals.

Reynaldo Weeks

No one celebrates Halloween, moron.