The best movie of all time cosmic emperor do you aqree?

i thought of a movie that can beat the best of spiderman, batman, superman, matrix, jesus and the creator all combined. it is about the end of the world that the bible talked about. so, it is kinda religious, but anything religious like the bible talked about can capture a lot of attention in people's minds since bible is the best selling book of all time. the bible talked about the end of the wold which is jesus second coming at judgment day. it talked about the battle with satan and his demise in hell. so, the movie would be like this. it will be based on this point of the bible since a lot of people would be interested in the end of the world that the bible talked about, and the battle with satan. so, the movie would begin with the highest servant of the lord since the fall of his highest angel lucifer who became satan on earth, and that highest servant of the creator is the cosmic emperor, who is only one position below the creator since the creator lord created the universe in the beginning. so, lord the creator sends his highest servant the cosmic emperor to destroy earth and kill satan base on the end of the world that the bible talked about. the cosmic emperor came down to earth and saw satan, and he battles with him. satan was previously called lucifer who was the highest angel of the creator lord. therefore, he also has power that can conquer with the cosmic emperor, but at the end, the cosmic emperor won the battle. however, satan then transforms to his real and ultimate form - the seven headed flying dragon. the cosmic emperor with his ultimate technique and power increased finally defeats him and traps him in the lake of fire. then, the cosmic emperor is about to destroy earth as ordered by the creator lord. as he was about to do so, he sees the hard working and love and prayer of people, he feels sympathy for them and stops his attack on earth. the lord sees that his highest servant has disobeyed him, so he orders his son, jesus - the cosmic savior to destroy earth. so, jesus is coming down from the dimension of heaven with six white wings on his back and the sword that the lord used to protect the entry of the garden of eden. jesus, with all power focused, a cross like sign appears on his forehead and he deals an attack to earth. the people are in great fear and begs for mercy. so, the cosmic emperor charges up his power and a star sign appears on his own forehead to take on the sword attack of jesus, the son of god, the cosmic savior. the universe has many stars and the star sign that appeared on the forehead of the cosmic emperor represents the universe, though, symbolic to the power of the cosmic emperor. so, both the cosmic savior and the cosmic emperor battles each other out and the power that they released have crashed the whole universe. this power has even amazed god the creator. so, the creator stops their battle and blesses this universe. the earth is finally safe and the cosmic emperor becomes the new ruler of the earth, and the creator lord creates a new heaven - the new earth for his chosen people to live in and jesus, the cosmic savior becomes the ruler of the new earth as the end of the movie.

John P

I assume that "Cosmic Emperor" is the title of a movie, though your illiterate writing does not make that clear. I have never even heard of that movie, and, by your description, it seems to be "just another sci-fi or apocalypse movie".