Are you blindly loyal to the royals simply because of their titles and status, or must each individual royal earn your loyalty and respect?

...based on their character and how they perform in their exalted role?


Like Americans are to their head of state do you mean? No.


Blindly loyal - NO. I do prefer the system in the UK which allows for an elected Parliament, and an hereditary Monarchy. I'd HATE to have to elect a politician as President!

Clo G.-B.

I am not blindly loyal to anyone, regardless of status. Royals are just of interest to me. What they do is part of this interest.


the only thing they could do to get my respect is to quit, abolish the monarchy and I would be their biggest fan.

Sir Prince Kenny

Neither, I simply prefer a person, trained from birth, in the duties that are expected of them, than to yet another money grubbing politician, eager to feather their own nest. We all saw how corrupt politicians are, when the expenses scandal came to light, the scumbag who claimed for the duck island in his pond, the scumbag who claimed for the poppy that he bought, the female canine who was claiming for a second home when in fact, the piece of filth was using a broom cupboard in her sister's home, the son of a cheap whore who claimed for getting his roof gutters to be cleaned. The list is long, VERY LOOOOOOOOOONG.


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Baron Clownish

I think they earn their respect by how well they wave.

Marie And Alan

The monarchy, along with all its trappings, is an anachronism that should be abolished


They are who they are and they serve a purpose. In the case of the UK they bring a lot of tourists to our little island. Apart from that does anyone else really care apart from hard-core royalists?