Car radio not working after rewiring?

So my brother got a new 2005 nissan altima 3.5 v6. The radio worked fine and everything was good. Only problem was he couldnt connect his phone to it because its so old. So we went to walmart and got a double den radio and installed it and he did the wiring and matched the colors with the wiring harness. It worked but only when the headlights werent on and then the battery died. So we jumped it off and the radio turned back on after we started it back up but the radio showed “no signal” and when he turned off the headlights the radio Worked as normal. So we took it back out and redid the wiring because of the headlight issue and plugged it back up and now its not turning on at all.i thought maybe i rewired it wring but the stock radio wont even turn on when we plug it directly in the stock harness. No blown fuses! What could the problem be !? Thanks!

Phil M

Auto manufacturers and radio manufacturers wiring colors rarely match. The stock radio may not work if it isn't mounted fully in the dash due to chassis grounding. I always recommend going to, or similar. They will have wiring harness specific to your vehicle and very detailed instructions for install. Your stock radio has a power wire for illumination, so it lights up when the headlights are on. The new walmart radio does not have this feature. This radio should have three wires for power. One needs power all the time, usually yellow. One that needs power when the ignition is in the on position, usually red. There is also a blue wire that sends power out from the radio. Usually used for a powered antenna, but can be used to run an external amplifier.


Why do you want to connect your phone to this old car radio?It's a very old version in design and it's a Japanese brand.The problem lies in the wiring and I think it's useless to retry what you did.According to my experience,the stock radio has broken down during your trial.Take it to a repair store or just get a new one.Find a technical personnel if you are not sure in installment.