Can I rent a car in another country?

I’m from the US with an Oklahoma drivers license. Can I rent a car in Iceland when I travel there next spring? Im asking on Yahoo! Answers for a real person to answer, and not using a search engine like google or bing. Thank you and God Bless.


Of course you can. Depending on how early in spring you go, I would advise a car with 4 wheel drive. I went in early March and there was still alot of snow on the roads. Also many roads are gravel.


Yes, but read the fine print. Most cars in foreign contours have manual transmissions. They probably have a few automatics, but their can be much more expensive, so if you can't drive a clutch, either learn quick, or specify that you need an automatic and be prepared to pay. I asked the lady at the rental counter how often cars were returned with trashed clutches, and she said all the time, and always from Americans. There's also something called an international driving permit. All it does is provide the details of your driver's license in the local language in case you are stopped by the cops. The rental agency won't ask for it, but they recommend it in the event you are stopped. You can get an international driver's permit at AAA for about $20. Most major car rental companies provide services in foreign countries, but make sure you read reviews, as some may have a familiar name, but their vehicles could be crap. And of upmost importance, go online and become familiar with the driving laws, signage, and that sort of thing. They have signage common across all European countries, but they aren't like what we have in the states. For instance, if there are double white lines down the middle of the road, obviously you can't pass. But you also can make ANY left turns. You have to go to the next intersection, turn around, and drive back. There are numerous things like that which you need to know before you drive. I still managed to get a traffic camera ticket in Portugal that arrived in the mail 2 months after I got back.


I've rented in several countries. Why don't you see who rents at the airport?


Assuming you're over 21, generally yes.


Yes you can assuming you're at least 25

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course you can ..they even have auto`s for hire