I was thinking of going to live in the USA. What can you tell me about countries in the USA?

I want to go to live in a place where there's a lot of nature, so no new york city. Also I've always lived in a hill and still would like probably somehting like that. I'm european. what are the most obese countries? Lets avoid those for a start


Have you looked at visas for the US? You can't just up and move. If you're an EU citizen, it might be easier to pick any other EU country (and the EU has far better working conditions for employees)


Get a visa.


There are no countries in the USA, but there are states, divided pieces of land that have all the lawn of the USA but can change them a little bit for example in some states you may carry a fully automatic rifle in public but in other states you cant, the stereotypes that are partially true are these in Texas, tennessee kentucky and kansas (midwestern states) you might be stereotyped as a country boy, in new york and new jersey you are stereotyped as having an italian accent and being a person of the streets (not homeless, just konowin whats up) in california you will be stereotyped as a hipster, the most obese state does not exist, if you are healthy over in your country you will problably stay the same here because we have healthy food here in USA. Live in North Carolina, people are nice there and is can snow sometimes which isbeutiful, youcan explore the mountains as well. Just please do NOT say the N word here, you will get beat up, and it is just offensive. meet new people here, be intresting, you can do it my guy.