Is it possible to travel without a credit card? book hotels or pull out cash, all with a debit card?



I always use cash Just finished a 4 month international trip, paid cash for everything, air lines, hotels, meals, etc


I've been living on the other side the planet exclusively out of ATMs with a Visa/debit card for 8 years & it's never been a problem,,but I still recommend keeping a few thou in a moneybelt

Peter Miller

I traveled to California last year without a credit card. I had booked an AirBNB and flee United. The only issue I had was with renting a car. Even though I paid months in advance, they refused to rent to me due to not having a real credit score.


I have never had a credit card and don't intend to ever have one unless they become compulsory. I don't travel abroad so don't know how difficult it would be to do that without such a card but, as I will not be leaving Britain, it doesn't matter to me.


For how long? Debit cards normally are only good for 6 months out of Country issued. So you would need talk to your banker in your home Country. Mine is good for longer than 6 months. But there is some paper work. With your bank. Also there is wellsfargo, Or western union accounts you can set up. Europe uses some different ones. So wire yourself money from your account. There are international debit cards. As long as you keep money in them. So you may need set up a direct deposit account with a 3rd Country. The problem with cash is you do not want to be going to Western Union once a week to pick up cash. Good way in places to get your throat cut. some do watch. Or paying all in cash. Can get your room broke into & turned. Booking a hotel with cash? Do you have there discount card? Are you on there list of preferred customers? Then yes a phone call will do to reserve. Pay cash at the desk. This works in Asia. some hotels chains have 4 or 5 different names as you go Country to Country. All backed by Chines cash. So 1 preferred card will do for many hotels were ever you are. Not sure of Europe or America.


Yes, but with difficulty - some hotels won't accept non-credit card bookings Using a credit card also gives you greater security on purchases

Karen L

Probably, but it will make for difficulties. You won't rent a car without a credit card, and hotels might be a problem. You can certainly pay cash for a room, but they usually want to see a credit card when you check in as security in case of damages. Some do take a debit card for the same thing, but you'll have to find out which ones.


It could be limiting. Many hotels want a credit card on record in case of extra charges or damage charges that aren't discovered until after you leave.

L. E. Gant

Sure -- as long as there's a positive balance in the debit card.

Mr. Smith

I know it used to be.