Is traveling the world really for the wealthy or could the average Joe do it?


Rona Lachat

The average Joe can travel IF THEY WANT TOO. You may only have a few days or a week for your adventure each year or you save up for a longer thing every few years. You cannot do everything, you cannot see everything.You see nothing if you never go. You DO NOT have to only travel at the most expensive holiday time. You DO NOT have to stay at the expensive Five Star place or dine out every night at the most expensive place. You could sleep in a tent and have this as your your night show. A few hours in a plane takes you to some adventure. That might be to see your team play the away game maybe a concert for the performer you like. Maybe you want a day shopping some special place or to see some special to you thing. All journeys start with the first step. It does not matter if you start on the left foot or the right foot. Pick a place and go. Cannot decide throw a dart at a map and go to that place. Depending what map you throw a dart determines where this might be. Billions on the planet are not rich. A few are very wealthy. The masses have their inexpensive ways to travel. The economy seats on the plane arrive less than one second after the First class seats. A view of the ocean from your hotel room? Really you plan to look at the view all night? Get the cheap room get some sleep and spend the day exploring the view and not just look at it out the window of your room. Set yourself a vacation budget. You might save $5 a week or $100 a week. When you are ready you see what you can do with the budget you have. Of course you cannot get to the expensive prime place for cheap there are tens of thousands of other cheaper places. A day on the beach means what really? Does it matter if the beach is Tahiti or the beach at some lake? A day riding a bike can be in the expensive city or out in some wild area. Maybe you sleep in hostels or University dorms. Maybe you find someone that will share their couch for a day or two. Not sure what to see and do join a group tour for a few days. You probably will not like everyone in the group . SO WHAT in a few days you are back home and never see them again. Look at your local travel agent for package deals. YOU DO NOT have to plan it all on your own. You only have a few years on the planet. Your choice to explore a few parts of it or just stay at home and look out the window. I meet an 82 year old that travels every month. WHY? She said" I can look out the window of the bus train or plane the view changes from the window at home. Her trip might be for just a day . a weekend or a week or two. You do what you can afford. Only you can decide if you want a bunch of stuff in your home or you want to explore the world every so often and gather priceless experience. Of course you can look at pictures or watch a video. I guess their must be no reason to go to the game you can watch it at home. No need to go to a concert you can download the music and listen at home. Why would you walk on a beach you can watch a video too. Why walk through some formal or elaborate garden to smell the flowers? You can look at pictures of flowers. You can travel and explore if you want too. Start small one step at a time and do what YOU can afford. Set a budget and ask a travel agent for something in your budget. I just looked up the price of just one adventure. Going on the same ship for a cruise. The top deck pays $13.000 and the cheap fare is $1,100 , Guess what the view is the same. Your choice to sit in your window when you can no longer travel and wonder what other places are like or have some memories of different places. Some you like and some you did not. DO NOT expect all the First class extras for a bargain price.


Travelling the world doesn't have to be expensive. I spent a year in Australia and New Zealand when I left university. I spent weeks on a budget of $10 a day that covered food and accommodation.


Anybody can do it; it just is a matter of how you do it.

Jay P

I know someone that did it as part of a group after their schooling was finished. She did it over the span of just under a year and basically lived a backpacker's life, staying in youth hostels, and working some odds jobs at a couple of locations to raise more money.


Nomadic Matt is my go to website. Anyone can do it. He shows you how to do it on the cheap. Have fun.

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