Lonely Planet vs Fodors?

In the travel guide industry,the two standards of the industry seem to be Lonely Planet and Fodors.Which one do you think is better?In my opinion its Fodors.They are better organized plus they offer much more background information on the places they are writing about.And they have FAR more extensive hotel and restaurant listings.Your thoughts?

K S Lall

Rick Steves, but I do not know if he is English or Spanish.

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!



I prefer contracted military with manuals of expected munitions and their hands- on introduction to EOD Adventure Vacations. Like, Cambodia. Which includes visiting survivors of Russian, Chinese, and USA relics. Get it wrong and suddenly you're another dirt crater.


Oh, dear. Is Fodor hiring trolls to promote their products? The two types of guides are very different in their audiences. Lonely Planet is better for young backpackers, while the audience for Fodor's is older and more affluent. In Europe, the real competition is from Rick Steves.