Working in Norway?!?

I am currently studying pharmaceutical science and plan to get my ordinary bachelors degree (level 7) next year. I plan to move to Norway from Ireland. From what I can see pharmaceuticals aren’t as big in Norway’s as they are in America or Ireland or other parts of Europe. However my question is.. is it difficult to get a good job with a level 7 bachelors degree in Norway? I would appreciate any help or advice given.

Rona Lachat

If you are planning on working in Norway it is advisable to start learning the language as soon as possible. A satisfactory level of the Norwegian language is usually required in order to work in pharmacies in Norway. Can you discuss your services to a customer using the proper Norwegian terms? NO ONE can guarantee a job opening for you the day you decide to move years from now. Having a minimal pass in your class is not the same as being top of your class.