Im planning a trip to Spain in April and I m torn on places to go. Southern Spain looks interesting. Can I skip Barcelona and not regret it?


Rona Lachat

You will never see everything. It is a big planet. Go where you go and next year go somewhere else. You can return to places you like for a second, third or fourth visit. There will always be places you have not yet been to. Seriously do you want to just look out the window as you pass by lots of places and check them off your list or stop and explore a bit at the ones that look interesting to you. Can I skip Barcelona and not regret it? Maybe If you do go to Barcelona then obviously you will not be in some other place that you will regret not seeing. Shall we all guess if you want to see miles and miles of similar things see some special to you point of interest Swim in the Ocean, swim in the sea. climb a hill explore an historic thing get a sun tan ride a horse go for walk or whatever. You cannot do it all. There is not enough money or time. Only you can make a point of actually enjoying whatever place it is you are in. It may be just a few minutes as you look for something better or days and days exploring something YOU are interested in.When I could not decide I took out a map placed on the wall and tossed a dart. I went where it landed. In a big city I might go to the train station and just took the first train out and went where it went.Planing my return for that nights sleep. Then some other random place next day. EVERY place was new to me.


Barcelona is very cool, an amazing place to visit. We spent 4 nights there prior to a cruise. Similarly, Sevilla is also amazing. We spent 2 weeks. We started in Lisbon, spent a few nights there, then drove south to the Algarve, and stayed in Semilla and then Lagos (very cool). Spent a night in Gibraltar just so I could say I've been there. IT was interesting, but I liked Spain and Portugal more. We then drove to Elviria, stayed there a couple nights, then Ronda. Then we went to Sevilla and spent 3 nights there. Sevilla is similar to Barcelona in that is is very vibrant, and there are loads of things to see. My wife preferred Barcelona, but I liked both. In 2020, we're planning on starting at Marbella, then driving up the coast and spending a few nights in Barcelona. April isn't high tourist season, so I'd do what we did; book your airport hotels at the start and finish of the trip, and make the rest up as you go. I had a Skyroam mobile hotspot, so we had cell service everywhere. That enabled my to use Expedia to book hotels as we went. I would also recommend spending no less than 2 nights per location. One night just wasn't enough, seeing as you check in at 3 and check out at 11. If you are going to drive, you need to know how to drive a stick. You can get an automatic, but you HAVE to book it in advance, it's it's significantly more expensive than a manual. I had a little Ford Corsa. It was a dog, but got amazing mileage, which is important seeing as gas is so much more expensive. And if you are going to drive, take the time to research road markings and laws, they are different from in the US. Email me if you have any specific questions.

Isaac Hunt

Yes , go to Granada and Cadiz.


Although I enjoyed Las Ramblas and liked La Sagrada Familia, and Tarragona was awesome, I am in what seems to be the minority in considering Barcelona overrated. I *much* preferred Sevilla and wish I had gotten to visit Granada. Madrid was no big deal (except for the fantastic art museums), but you almost have to go there to get anywhere else. If you can, I recommend a jaunt into Morocco, even if it's just a cheesy day trip into Tangiers.

John P

Depends on what you might think you might get out of seeing Barcelona. Note that in southern Spain, much of the seaside is taken up by recently developed resorts whose single purpose is to cater for tourists from Britain and from other parts of Europe - the expression "sun, sea, and sex" is/was much in vogue. Inland in southern Spain there is much to see - many remnants of the times when North African Muslim Moors ruled much of Spain. That was generally a flourishing time for that part of the world, with peaceful interchange between many sorts of society.

Jackie M

I have been to Spain for a holiday around 50 times and seen all the holiday resorts and I have seen Barcelona and it was lovely but is not somewhere I would rush to go and see again


you will always regret not seeing everything