Name some popular movies you don't love, but everyone does?

Mine are: The Godfather Shrek Gravity Lord of the Rings


Any superhero movie


Titanic, Avatar, any teen movie.


The matrix

Jonny Cake

Fight Club The Hangover All the Marvel movies Star Wars movies

Lib Crusher

Why don't you like those movies? Let me guess.... they have only white people in them, right?


CHIPS 8 Mile Waist Deep Salt Saw movies Inception Get Rich or Die Tryin'


Star Wars Star Trek Gone With The Wind The Avengers: Infinity War Guardians Of The Galaxy 2


Little mermaid Lion King


Avatar. I walked out when a marine shot a marine.


Mine are A Christmas Story, Elf and Fantasia, I watched Fantasia for the first time ever that i could recall and found the movie boring, the only best part was the Mickey Mouse short and that for sure is over by the first hour. And never cared for a Christmas Story, or even Elf .

Raspberry Popsicle

Star Wars & Indiana Jones!!!!!!! Every single last one of the damn things will never be my cup of tea! Havent even seen the 30 other ones they keep bringing out for Star Wars!


Grey's anatomy Parks and recreation