Why have the royals led by the Queen not sacked Parliament, to lead the country and stop this current fiasco happening in Westminster?

Aren’t the royals there precisely to use their power to overrule their servant government when things go so terribly awry, as they currently have.


Parliament is doing what it is supposed to do, which is debating and voting on issues which form part of the general business of the government. In this case the democratic decision to exit the European Union. As a constitutional monarchy the Queen is also doing what she is supposed to do, which is to defer to the elected politicians who are supposed to make decisions regarding the future relationship with Europe, ahead of their own partisan interests. The other 'royals' have no role to play in government and no power.

Clo G.-B.

It is ONLY the Queen who reigns, and she reigns THROUGH Parliament. The rest of the family have no powers of royal prerogative. Members of Parliament can ask the Queen to help out, but the Queen is very cautious about overstepping the bounds of her constitutional powers. She prefers to give advice but she urges Parliament to do the work they were elected to do.The Queen will call for general elections if asked by Parliament to do so.


IF things were bad enough HM technically could dissolve Parliament. But bad as it may seem right now, we in the UK live in a democracy so she has to keep her views to what she might say to the PM, in their private weekly meetings. Unless the situation was REALLY BAD. It may seem like total chaos right now, but just wait and see - it will be sorted out, eventually. Fact is the UK hasn't been in this kind of situation before. It's very interesting.

Ghost Of Christmas Past

The Queen could dissolve parliament (I'll pay for the nitric acid) and call a General Election. However, the British people would then vote along tribal lines for the political parties their great-grandparents voted for. The fact that the two main parties are both pro-Brexit and their MPs toe the party line doesn't seem to come into the equation. Although only 36% of the electorate voted Brexit in the referendum, 57% voted for the Brexit parties in the 2017 General Election. Democracy is wasted on the British.


The royals have long since had ALL of their power striped from them. They literally only exist now as figure head to be paraded around as if they were meaningful when they don't actually have any power to do anything at all. The reason they can't fire any member of Parliament is because every member of Parliament out-ranks them by a wide margin.


No - that's NOT what the royals are there for.

Sir Prince Kenny

Catch 22, The Queen has the power but, if she used it against an elected government, she would be removed as our Head of State.


Because she has NO powers, as any royalist will confirm. It makes you wonder what the Royals are for. The head of state is powerless to stop HER ministers ruining the country. She, along with the prime minister should resign.


No, not at all. The royals are there as a tourist attraction. Oh. And doing/raising a lot for charity. The Queen has very little political power. If any.