Why should I support universal health insurance when a) I read that the nhs in the UK is imploding and b) when I read that universal health-?

Insurance in California is going to cost them hundreds of billions of dollars?

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Universal health insurance in the UK is NOT imploding. It has problems but then again so does every system in the world. If I develop diabetes I will not be bankrupted by medical bills in the UK. In some countries I would be..


I'm a strong fiscal conservative but there are reasons to consider universal healthcare. The U.S. healthcare system is a huge complex mess. There are so many things wrong that it would be nearly impossible to address all of them if we continue as things are. We could save tons of money if each state did not have its own insurance governing body (creating red tape with lots of cost). We could save if there was a single published cost for a procedure instead of 12 or more different costs depending upon who is paying.


Doesn't it tell you something when many countries with universal or single payer healthcare systems are ranked higher than the US healthcare system?


It's still a better deal financially.


universal health care is great until you have a REAL MAJOR medical issue since most people do not have major issues for years,,, they like the so called FREE PREVENTATIVE CARE you are correct it is not good but anything that is "free" tends to not be all that good over the long run much of the the socialized medical care is based on the idea,, everyone dies a like Obama said take the pain pill and hurry and die because they will not let you have the needed surgery -- old people sick people are a burden on the whole and never will pay income tax again what the problem is socialize - universal medical care (aka government medical care) is (it is not insurance) it often incorporates a ban on choice and not allow you to pay for (upgrade) medical care out of your own savings even if that is your choice THE USA has had medicaid (government) paid care for the poor since medical care has been common service 1930s We also had free-market pay for as you want choice and insurance that you choose what you wanted covered and not paid for things you did not want ....... the problem is universal medical care bans that pro-choice base on the problem private care makes government care look bad. under a socialized medicine no one wants to be a doctor nurse and they end up being a less than well paid thus quality people do not became medical providers ///// why study and work that hard if a baker or plumber or computer geek make the same money if it is not imploding that lets see a list of well paid medical people saying there is no reason to need more money in the medical system it is easy to say all systems have problems,,, and yes it is true , but free market and free choice is the best of them .... why ban free market ?


Mitt Romney started universal health care in Massachusetts. It worked very well there.


The UK's NHS costs every adult about$ 4000 a year in taxes to run -- but it really needs more like $5000. And that covers everybody ,for everything . It's up to Americans to decide whether they think that would be worthwhile or not ..


Because 1 you've read wrong about what's going on in the UK. 2 Universal health insurance when applied correctly will actually drive DOWN the cost of actual HC.


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