Are there any liquid regulations for checked baggage?

Or is it only for carry-ons?


Flammable liquids cannot be packed in your checked bag. But there are no restrictions on the size or number of liquid/gel items in your checked bag. You can pack full-size items, as many as you want, and however you want. There ARE weight restrictions on your checked bags, so an excessive number of these items could affect that. You also want to pack them carefully so that your belongings are protected in the case of leaks or broken bottles.


No, but flammable things will be sniffed out and removed.


There are no weight or quantity restrictions as such, but certain liquids like flammables, petrol and so on, cannot be packed.

Karen L

Yes, there are. They don't have anything to do with security measures. They are to do with safety. The TSA and FAA restrict certain things from being taken at all in checked luggage, and there are also restrictions on the total amount of liquids. Check the website of the airline you're using. It will say what you may and may not put in checked luggage.