Bombshell: Lonzo will matter-of-factly pack his bags and go to a Euro team as a way of thumbing his nose at LA? Reply 2?

After taxes Lonzo has made approx. $4.2 million and has made up his mind to live within his means and scuff around in Euro ball rather than be a victim of tribal slave trader Lebron.

Jaimee Grubbs

I desire to be his euro bride for $10,000 a month.

Buck Mandingo

it's a fact, mack

Malcolm Mcshannon

the Nordic League poon is the best

Mother Teresa

Italian League vaggie is fine


He wouldn't necessarily have to go to a European team but you can probably be sure that Daddy Ball is trying to get him out of King James' shadow. All those kids are going to look back and wonder how successful they could have been if their father wasn't an insane person.