How to get alcohol under 18 to bring to festival?

I'm 16 and a few friends and I are going to go to Reading festival this summer. Now obviously we want to bring in booze - not too worried about getting it through the gate(ask some people there to carry it in for us) but not sure how to get the alcohol in the first place without our parents seeing it? Obviously once we've bought it a few days before we go, we can shove it in our bags but surely our parents will notice it in there before we leave? My parents for sure won't let me leave with a 12 crate of beer! We're planning on getting the coach there so once we've bought the booze we could hide it nearby and pick it up on our way to the coach station. Any help/advice would be great!


Well obviously you've given it some thought, asking strangers to carry your booze sounds plausible, but you be better with someone you actually know, who will a) be reliable & b) trustworthy. I'll assume you have e means to buy it, but even that is a risk if getting others to do it for you, as for hiding it? By this I hope you intend to leave it with someone, rather than under a bush!


Part of being young and stupid is figuring these things out for yourself. Good luck.


You'll be searched as you enter the festival, but once inside there'll be no shortage of people willing to break the law to sell to you.


Are you really asking us to help you break the law?


Do not disobey your parents. God is watching.