If you have gone to motels, how clean have you usually found them?

Are they comparable in any way to hostles, or are they much better in tidiness matters? Oh, and my question is in regard to the United States of America.


the brand name motels are usually cleaner


Most motels are reasonably clean, especially those that are affiliated with national chains.


Mostly, cleaner than my house. However, I have heard tales of sewage bubbling up from a floor drain.


Usually a load of jenk stuck to the toilet bowl and HArry Monk all over the bedsheets


Most are clean


Look don't expect anything great u don't know the cleaning staff your not home it is what it is


um. I always take a can of lysol with and hit the sink and the toilet, and shower. Other than that? wear shoes and you're good.


Hostels are FLEA PITS, some just cots in a big room, no security. A Motel is only a Motor Hotel, Generally significantly Cleaner and Safer. A Motel owner has a piece of property to protect, and business to profit from. A Hostel, is any flea and roach infested building where the operator is Only Interested in make profit with the least expense providing "out of the weather" sleeping space with No intention to woo back a traveler.


If they have dirty/filthy carpet, we walk back out.