Is India a good travel destination?



I've read on many occassions that the first thing you notice is the smell of sh!t. (Most people have no sanitation ). So that is enought to put me off.

stan l

It's a great destination! If you like filth!


Depending on what you mean by "good", then yes it is and very much so too. You can go very classy and stay at the top notch hotel in Mumbai the Taj Mahal Palace, or do it on the cheap and pay 400 Rp for a really crappy room in a crappy hotel in a nowhere town. Up to you. I have done both.

Guru Hank

INDIA! Very rapey country!

boy boy

not for the average person ..unless they are prepared to do certain things ..only drink bottled water ..clean teeth in same chicken salad use hand wipes at all times ..unless you have been there you wont understand ..but 95% of people have no running water ..toilets or electricity .. the women and kids are great dead lazy...add NO icecubes ...EVER!


Many better places to go.


sure but don't expect to see any 7-11's there


Yes, every type of topographical feature is there.


it is as long as you don't have high standards. if you don't mind overpopulated cities, full of irresponsible drivers swerving all over the road, tons of cows roaming the streets and the lack of beef in most restaurants, then yes it is.