Questiongs - Going on a flight in less than a week.?

I'm going on an international flight in about a week and I have a few questions, mostly about going through security. I know you can't bring anything over 3 oz, but I can bring as many as will fit in a quart bag, right? I'm also bringing some stuff I don't want my mom to see. Nothing bad. Just makeup like foundation and perfume (under 3oz btw) I want to put these in my carry-on (my mom is using my check-in for her stuff ;;-;;), but I don't want my mom to see (Not supposed to wear foundation but I wear it lightly because my face is very red.). Should I just bag it and put it in my check-in? Electronics - I'm bringing my laptop, phone, and drawing tablet. I know you have to put your laptop in a seperate bin. Does it HAVE to be by itself, or as long as i don't put anything on top/underneath of it will it be fine? Do I have to take out all the electronics from my bag? As long as my bag will fit under the seats, I can use it? Could I use my backpack? To give you an idea of the size, it has a laptop sleeve so it's a pretty decent size. What all do I have to take out of my carry on bag? Can I use my phone camera during takeoff (I vlog fand I'd like to get the takeoff on camera if possible since i have a window seat :P)? Or are ALL electronics restricted during takeoff and landing? I'm terrified of planes, anybody have ways of dealing? I'm so sorry for the stupid and long questions, but I haven't been on a flight since i was six and I want this to go as smooth as possible! Thanks! Thanks for the answers, I've found some smaller, less obvious containers for things like foundation and such, so that should make it easier so my mom won't see. One more stupid question lol. Does the container have to be labeled how many oz it is? I got these "travel" size bottles with a spray bottle (which is what i needed) and I know they're 90ml but should I label them or use a bottle that's labeled? I forgot about this. I know you can take pills on a flight (I need to bring Aleve for reasons) as long as I keep it in it's bottle, do you think they'll take it out so it's visible? I know this is stupid but my mom won't let me take anything for cramps so i kind of really need it lol. It's not going to be avaliable where we're going and that wouldn't really be an option anyways if it was.


Your liquid/gel items must be in containers 3.4oz or smaller, and you can take as many as you can fit into a single 1qt baggie. The baggie must be able to close. Your liquid foundation will have to go in that baggie if you are taking it in your carry-on. If you have a checked bag, you can pack it there instead; there are no size or number restrictions on liquid/gel items in your chekced bags and you might be able to better hide it from your mom. Your liquid/gel baggie does come out of your bag at security. As for electronics, anything larger than a cell phone generally has to be removed from your bag. The electronic items usually go in their own bins, but this can vary. Just do what the security agents tell you to do. Only your liquid/gel baggie and electronics should have to be taken out of your carry-on bag. But they certainly have the right to request removal of other items or to hand saerch your bag themselves. On the plane, small electronics such as phones, e-readers, and tablets can be used at all times during the flight. You will need to set your phone to airplane mode, but you can flim the take-off if you like. As for dealing with your fear, just try not to worry. There are MANY flights every day, and nothing significant happens. Keep yourself occupied on the plane with something to do to keep your mind off things.


No, you don't have to label the containers with their size.


Yes, you can put several 3 oz containers in your zip log bag. They don't open it, so if your foundation and perfume are under your toothpaste and other things, she probably won't see them. Yes, your laptop goes all by itself in one bin. Use another bin. I had to take out my iPad in one airport, but usually you only have to take out your laptop, not a phone or iPod. You get one carry on that fits in the overhead bin, and one that fits under the seat. The problem is that the overheads vary in size depending on the size of the airplane.International flights have large overhead bins. Put your bag up there during take off. You can get it out after the seat belt sign goes off. Yes, you can use your phone camera. Just put your phone on Airplane mode. They now let you use your phone to listen to music or play games all through the flight. There's no reason to be terrified of planes. It's the safest way to travel. Just think of the THOUSANDS of planes in the sky every day- nothing ever happens. No commercial airliner in the US has crashed since 9/11.Breath deeply and tell yourself that there's nothing to be frightened of.