USPS shipping question?

I am trying to ship a very small item through USPS. I know usps first class it meant for that. I bought a roll of stamps but was wondering how to actually ship it. Does it cost to actually ship the item? What is the cheapest way to ship?

The Oracle of Omigod

What does that even mean, "Does it cost to actually ship the item?" Do you think the USPS is a volunteer organization?

My 2 ยข

The best option would be for you to go into the post office and have it weighed. They will tell you what you owe and normally would have a label printed and allow you to pay the exact amount. If you actually want to only put stamps on it (you will overpay) then you must weigh it, make sure it is considered a parcel or letter (must be flat), with a return address on it.