What countries have affordable healthcare & medications, low cost of education, low crime and is warm?

Anywhere in the Caribbean?


The Bahamas, Barbados and Aruba are pretty affluent. Not that you can just decide to go live there though as these are sovereign nations with immigration laws.


Tricky question. Most countries in the world, 96% in fact, receive foreign aid from the United States. Medications are expensive here and cheaper over there, why? Because Americans pay a tax for our medications that subsidizes pharmaceuticals in other countries. Healthcare over there is free and it's not here. Except that it's not really free. When you're paying upwards of 60% taxes when it's all said and done, and then you get to wait your turn, the monetary outlay may be cheaper, but at what cost? I got to talking to a woman from Canada at Disneyland. She was politely chastising me for our lack of universal healthcare. So I asked her, If you get the flu, how long does it take to get in to see a doctor in Canada? She says, Two weeks. I say, TWO WEEKS?! You're either dead or healed by then. She said, Well, how long does it take to get in to see a doc in America? Four hours. FOUR HOURS?! Why on earth would you ever change that? Right. That's the point. Community colleges are much cheaper than state colleges, and Ivy League schools are lovely, but they're not necessary to your education. Certificate programs, trade schools, Pell grants, and a whole host of subsidized, and even free education to those who are below the poverty level. And education in America is not reserved for just the affluent or the lucky. Anyone can go. Monetary outlay is not the only matrix by which anyone should measure. JMO Oh, yeah. Crime is also tricky. If you take Chicago, L.A., NYC, and I think Detroit out of the picture, America has one of the lowest crimes rates in the world. It's those four cities that make America seem really dangerous. Warm is kind of subjective.


Israel. Free health care and education.


I was going to say England until I got to the last two


Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Japan, Singapore.

mR JiNgLeS



Sweden, except it’s not warm unless it’s the summer.


Definitely Australia.




Seems like it’s the countries that are first world and have universal healthcare. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_total_health_expenditure_per_capita Israel in my opinion.


Israel. Free health care and education.




The United States.


Just visit england in the summer


Venezuela. Have a nice trip. Take your own toilet paper.