Which matters more, getting there or how you get there?



How you get there, so possibly you'll be welcomed back if you want to return.

NPG Starlett

Both. You have a destination, a goal, to reach. You need to work out a method on how to achieve reaching that destination.


There is only perspective


Idk I'm an idiot


Do ends justify means? Unjust means never lead to justifiable ends. This is a strict moral stance. A Machiavellian approach of ‘by whatever means possible’, however, might suggest otherwise, it might advise that it is better to be smart than to be labouringly or vainly good. We the avid seekers of ease and profitability, in dealing with real-life issues and problems, always look out for shortcuts, use underhand and dodgy methods – those as our ‘smart’ stratagems and ‘clever’ tactics. If we could get away with lying most of us would use lies. The fact is the matters of real life do not appear to our understanding or come to match our strength or ability just as simply and straightforwardly as are the moral principles we ideally uphold. We create flexibilities in our moral conduct, create excuses for our otherwise objectionable behaviour; even the most democratic governments have their secrets, they lie to the people, use morally reprehensibly tools of spin and propaganda; the police use undercover, subterfuge, bluffs and intimidation. Where the fact is, in reality, we cannot hundred per cent truthful and right, then the question is how wrong we can afford to be, how much lying we can use to stay really smart, without going morally bankrupt, without ending up expending all the credit that we may have borrowed from the justness of our end for doing so, from the self-made belief that ‘we mean only good’.


getting 'there' matters more but it is relative so 'there' changes based on the 'how'.


The end doesn't justify the means. If you get rich through violence and violating the rules of your heart, then the end won't be the same as it was when you started. Then you won't be the same and won't be alive as you once were.


How. Enjoy the ride and enhance the achievement


It has to be an individual choice.



Mike W

How you get there could be more important than getting there. A lot can happen during your journey, you can learn new things, meet new people, and may even find out that you're headed to the wrong destination.


The journey is and has been wonderful most of the time. Think I will be a bit dissapointed when I get there.

Doctor P: Study

Study: People Are Getting Dumber New research finds IQ scores have been decreasing for decades, and the environment is to blame. https://www.usnews.com/news/national-news/articles/2018-06-14/study-people-are-getting-dumber

peter m

Both. I have said that well before & am not about to change my mind. Any objective student should ONLY do that if they have tried & tried to the nth limit so to speak. On both accounts, that is WHAT they are working on now & HOW their aims change-for-the-better -knowledge wise & learning wise- assuming that WHAT they newly learn they "commit to". Students do change-their-behaviour either ahead of or with such a "learning curve" - a learning experience that may not take you upon a (n easy &) straightforward philosophical journey (hence the learning CURVE). So I quote from one of the best pieces of work from a modern objective philosopher who I hope would have agreed my answer here & more importantly students answers there, "The disappointment of some of the expectations with which we once eagerly approached reality plays a most significant part in this procedure (= rebuilding our theories..). It may be compared with the experience of a blind man who touches, or who runs into, an obstacle, and so becomes aware of its existence. It Is Through the Falsification of our Suppositions that we Actually get-in-touch with "Reality". It is the discovery & elimination of our errors which alone constitute that "positive" experience which we gain from reality" ^ And this IS A RISK. For students all. But if you have ever experienced thrill of reading some new work & hearing the feint "aha, I get-it" moment of understanding...then your own internal "knowledge learning threshold" will be energised again to a steady state of readiness; readiness to change your own learning behaviour in accepting new facts & thus some new risk. This is objective philosophy.

Mr. Interesting

It depends upon the context. If I am just going for a walk around the block, I am coming back home. The way I get there is what it's all about. Unless I get kidnapped and held against my will. Then getting there will be most important. See?


You mean the destination or the journey? The journey.


Getting were


Getting there is of course of prime importance, but how you get there can also be quite important in two ways..... firstly, it could determine the stability or otherwise of where you have reached and secondly, it could also impact the feasibility or otherwise of your further goals.


Integrate the process and the product, and you'll likely be happier... "Man, Master of His Destiny;" "Understanding Yourself" by Mark Prophet; "101 Things that Every Young Adult Should Know."


getting there