Do the Scots really hate the English?

I know this article is old news but I only discovered it today as someone else had pointed it out. It was not big news so I hadn't heard of it at the time. This English woman got attacked in Arbedeen for no reason at all. What's even worse is that they put a poll on there, asking people if the Scots are racist towards the English and most of them said Yes. I'm shocked because I;m English and I've always loved being in Scotland. Not once has anyone ever been abusive to me or anyone I know. Is this really what it's like sometimes? Or is the media being biased and thinking that because of this all Scots will treat all English unfairly?


Any country has a few nutcases and extreme racists, but the great majority of Scots treat English people perfectly civilly.


No they don't really. English and Scottish relations have been very strong for a long time. Britain has had several Scottish Prime ministers for starters.


There are a very small number of extreme Scottish Nationalists who attack the English; but it's a tiny minority.