Is there a limit on how many pipes you can bring to the UK?



Do you mean importing drain pipes, etc, as freight, or pipes as in musical instruments or the kind used for smoking brought by a traveler as personal possessions? AFAIK there is no set number, but if someone tried to being in so many that customs thought they were merchandise rather than personal property then any relevant import taxes might be applied. E.g. a large suitcase full of identical new tobacco pipes might be assumed to be intended for sale.


I am allowed to bring in 296 5/16 pipes. Other people not so many. Gas pipes, tobacco pipes, pan pipes, bagpipes, water pipes.......

Jimmy C

If they are for a church organ, you have to bring in the whole set or it is useless. Perhaps you should be more specific about the type of pipe you are thinking of importing.

John P

"Pipes" - as in pipes for smoking tobacco? Or water pipes for plumbing? Etc? Maybe even "pipes of port " - large barrels of port wine? A large quantity might arouse suspicions that you were a trader trying to sell pipes. If they looked like pipes for smoking illegal drugs then you would be under suspicion of importing the drugs also. Why do you need more than one or two pipes?


Only if you are bringing in bong pipes!


It depends what pipes you are talking about.


As long as there bagpipes.


No Drug paraphernalia will be allowed


If your referring to the type used in smoking illegal substances, then one for personal use(unused) might be ok, more than that your likely to be viewed as a potential trafficker and a full luggage search and interview etc.. Could be very likely.