Which country is more powerful: Scotland Ireland or Wales?



Ireland because the republic is a nation state..The other two are parts of the UK...


Ireland is an independent, sovereign nation with its own laws and government. Scotland and Wales however are part of the UK with some limited devolved powers. Scotland has more devolved powers than Wales so, in that sense is more powerful than Wales. Do you perhaps mean N Ireland not Ireland?


Wales and Scotland are apart of the UK, so united they are more powerful than Republic of Ireland. Wales is the weakest on its own, then Scotland is on its own and Ireland is the most powerful on its own.

John P

By "Ireland" do you mean the independent "Republic of Ireland", or "Northern Ireland", which is part of the UK? Both of those entities are within the island of Ireland.


Ireland...it´s come so far in such a short time. The entire mindset of the country has changed, with an openly gay Prime Minister and companies such as Ryan Air and Primark dominating the European market. And I believe Brexit will almost certainly result in companies relocating from London to Dublin.


Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with England are all part of the UK and equal.


Probably Ireland since it is an independent nation rather than a "subject nation" of the UK.


None of them, they are all as powerful as each other.


They are regarded as equal within the UK.