Why are some people really stupid?

Was arguing with this English girl who was so convinced that Scotland is not part of the United Kingdom and even asked to googled it, but she refused and started name calling me??


There is a lot of stupidity around these days. Stupidity is actually one of our biggest challenges going forward. Stupid people usually can't reason and they sometimes resort to aggresive tactics to through in life. I suspect this particular English girl knew that she could be wrong, so she didn't want to google the answer because she didn't want to lose face and look stupid. So she decided to name call you as a form of deflection tactic. Such idiots are everywhere, my advice would be to steer clear and avoid them. I mean what benefit can they give or offer you? They will just bring you down to their level.


Usually from stupid parents and Grand parents


Why would you 'argue' with someone about that?


I got this when i googled Scotland Scotland Country of the United Kingdom So there!