Best state to relocate to?

My fiancee' and I are residents of Washington. There are multiple reasons as to why we're looking to relocate; however, the cost of living is at the top of the list. The average home in this state is just under $400,000; gas prices are among top 3 in the nation, and rent is significantly higher than the majority of the US. In addition to that, we're not a huge fan of the politics of the state, and would rather live in a moderate-conservative area. Here's who we are and what we're looking for: My fiancee' is a Federal government worker. I am experienced in district level management. We're looking for a place where cost of living is lower, overall. We'd also prefer small town community vibes, but still within 35-40 minute commute to a major city (my fiancee' works for a government office, which will be located in a major city) We prefer a place with land that we can purchase for under $250,000. We love the outdoors, and enjoy things such as hiking, camping, etc. I'd also love an area that's hunting and fishing friendly, as well as gun friendly and respective of religious rights. The top four states we're looking at are: Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina. Texas and Tennessee don't have state income tax. South Carolina has the highest income tax. Sales tax is probably the highest in TN, where as property taxes seem to be the highest in TX; however, TX has the lowest gas prices and abundance of jobs. What are your thoughts?


Ohio. Burgeoning economy, plenty of outdoors things as you listed, reasonable tax rates, moderate-right in a small majority, not a lot of extremism. Favorable real estate market for buyers.


If you're trying to stay closer to Washington state you may be able to find a good place in Montana, Idaho or Colorado.