Could 4 college graduates (2 couples) live comfortably in L.A.? A 2 bedroom would be good.?



How many times are you going to ask the same question? The answer doesn't really change. You can live comfortably depending on several things, the two biggest being what you define as comfortable and what are you really going to be making. My guess at this point you are probably a group of teenagers who are doing some daydreaming about moving to LA when you graduate college in several years. Which by the time you graduate everything that you would be told now would be out of date and no longer relevant in terms of cost of living or even areas to live in.


It really depends on what their degrees are in. Four high tech workers could each afford their own apartments. People with less useful degrees might get stuck in minimum wage jobs and that would make it more of a struggle. But at the current minimum wage with four people working full time and imaging the modest rent of about 3K a month, you could make it. Some of this depends on whether you're trying to own cars and how you're getting your medical insurance.


A college degree means nothing in a question like this. What is your expected salary? You need to figure that out and then look at housing prices for the area you want to be in.


It depends on whether they were all employed and had a decent income. It also depends on the quality of apartment (location, amenities, etc.) they require to be living comfortably.