How do you wildfires in California even start?


SSP Bowl Dude

The majority are started by lightning, tossing a cigarette butt, careless campers or arson. The last was faulty electrical lines causing dried plant material to catch fire under the lines. Had this been any other state, it would have been legal and required to remove this plant material to prevent fires.


Downed power lines, homeless encampments, lightning strikes, arson and accidents.

A Hunch

The most recent, most damaging wildfires in California were all started by electrical issues: Tubbs Fire, Thomas Fire, Camp Fire & Woolsey Fire were all started by high winds causing the electrical lines to spark. The sparks then caught fire to the dry brush NEAR the electrical lines (not under the electrical lines) Historically wildfires start by lightening, arson, and wind conditions.


Mostly careless people, if not downright arson.


Local cuckservatives start them using direct energy weapons.


Not as bad as Australia.


Wait, I'm a wildfire?