Should i move to Arizona if I live in California?

I live in Los Angeles and I really hate it here, it's just too fast paced and liberal for me. I was thinking of moving to Arizona since it's not too far, are things better in Arizona? what's it like living there? and what are the best places to live there?


That's a personal decision. You need to go visit and spend some time there to figure that out.


I live in Arizona but have never lived in California so I can't really compare things for you. I'm in the boonies outside of Phoenix because that's where I'm working. Housing is more affordable when you get farther away from the big cities here and even the most expensive areas are way cheaper than LA. It's pretty easy to get around in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa imo because they're all built on a grid. The major streets all run due north, south, east or west and the major cross streets intersect every mile. It makes it easier to navigate. If I were you I might look at apartments on line a little before I decide. Tempe is full of students so you might want to be careful there so you don't have parties next door 3 nights a week. North Scottsdale is nice but some say a little snooty and definitely expensive, south Scottsdale is not so nice, West Mesa is a little more Spanish speaking than East Mesa, Gilbert is nice and newer (pretty safe imo and has apartments galore), Chandler has nice and not so nice areas, Awahatukee (sp) is hard to navigate and is not on a grid, nice but expensive) Phoenix has both nice and not so nice areas. There are other little towns too but I'm so far out in farm country that I don't really know much about them.


Yeah, if I were you, I'd move from LA too. But my State of choice would be either Oregon or Washington. But YMMV. Cheers! +++++