What are the best cities to be homeless in?

I would think a small city like portland maine or eugene oregon or ithaca new york


San Diego


In O'ahu, Hawaii therer are lots of homeless but it seems like the best possible place you could be homeless.

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Portland, ME - are you crazy? Do you know how nasty the winters are in Maine? A smart homeless person will be in someplace warm, like S. California.

Holo Holo

Honolulu, they feed you every day in Ala Moana Park, A short walk from Waikiki. But don't feed on Tueday, so just bring a Tupperware bowl with you on Monday. to put some extra food in it for Teusday. Really drops below 60 degrees.


Too cold in Ithaca.


Has to be Manila. More homeless per square mile than any other city in the world. That many people can not be wrong.


Those cities all get too cold, which is why southern California has the biggest homelessness problem in the nation. Some nearly 100K alone just in L.A. County (and the typhus and Hep A outbreaks to prove it).


San Fran.


Anywhere on the West Coast.


Somewhere in the South so you won't freeze to death.