Why would u NOT want to live in New York City?



I m too old (77) to move anywhere, not least NYC. If I were 20/30 I would at least pay a visit and find out for myself. But my version of NYC is very old fashioned - like this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96ZUIx44GqE If only NYC had stayed that way. . . .

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Cost of living is extremely high as compared to pretty much anywhere else in the USA. Too noisy for me.


It's expensive, even for small apartments in not so great neigborhoods. And taxes with held from your salary are too high.


Taxes are too high, housing is un affordable, gun laws are too restrictive- these are a few. reasons.


very good city and cold city


Too close to my family on Long Island , they can be a pain in the a** I'm trying to stay away. I'd rather move to L.A.


But I do, and have for about 75 of my 80 years


If I had no interest in the arts, and I didn't need a lucrative job, I could enjoy living in quieter, less crowded, less expensive surroundings.


It's very cold and dirty

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Too many people. No mountains and streams. General superiority complex of those who talk about the city.


Some people like to look at trees instead of buildings. And no, Central Park doesn't count. Besides, the taxes are high, the homes are overpriced, the people are rude and the weather is crappy.


Got no use for New Yorkers no matter where they are to be found.