Are nude women pointless and make women feel uncomfortable in movies? Unnecessary?

I was watching movie in the movie theaters and a naked girl was gratuitously shown. The scene was long and dragged out. When the naked girl was shown the female audience gasped really loud. A girl next to me yelled at her boyfriend and said “don’t look at here” and then covered his eyes. The couple in front of me walked out at the command of his wife. If female nudity causes such a reaction by female audience, why put it in? Does female nudity cause an uncomfortable feeling with women? Is there shock value. The audience certainly thought so.


No one's particularly disturbed by nudity anywhere I've seen films. That includes the US and a number of other countries. I'm a woman. Nudity in films doesn't make me feel at all uncomfortable, and most of the time, there's a good plot reason for it. It's not "shocking". I've never been to a film with female nudity where the audience reacted as you describe. The people where you live must be very odd. You sound rather odd yourself.


Well here in the US we don't really have a problem with nudity in movies(which sounds weird to people, but the thing is we go in to the movies KNOWING it will be there, and that's different from people having a problem with it on broadcast TV to which i add notice people don't complain about it on HBO's Game of Thrones). So it's not about shock value and it's put in because people want to see it.