Is it bad that I would do anything to see my crush's former transportation vehicle?

And by that I mean school bus. 😔 He doesn't go on that bus anymore, but I really miss him and the bus he used to get on. . . I feel like I just need comfort. I know the bus and the person still exist. I know the bus does because I heard it one time on my school bus driver's radio thing, and one of the other bus drivers mentioned the number. I felt so happy to know it still exists. And of course I know my crush is still there because I'm subscribed to him on Snapchat. He has his stories, and I see them often. Anyway, is it bad that I'd do anything to see his former school bus? I know I might see it again in the summer, and I might be broke if I try to spend it all by taking this one test to enter in a summer college class as a high schooler. I will DO ANYTHING. I'm deathly attached. How can I be a troll, if this is something that is happening to me right now? Song inspo: Foster The People - I Would Do Anything For You for the title of the question. And I was formerly a little stalker. :/ I'm probably obsessed or whatnot but that's on me, and I'm sorry to demonize the "school bus" when in reality, it's only a public transportation vehicle.


School bus troll strikes again. You NEED to see a mental health care provider aka a shrink.


Jeez, get a life already!