My 16 year old son stole a car?

He has been acting more violent lately. He fell in the wrong crowd at school. He tried to take a car, but got arrested and is now in Juvenile Detention Center. The other night, he also punched my 14 year old daughter in the nose REAL hard because he was mad at her for eating his chocolates on accident. And also, on the last day of school before Christmas break, his friends offered him drugs when I went to pick him up. Thankfully, I yelled at him to go to my car, but he told them "Yes, I would love-" before I cut him off. Oh geez, WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?!?!?!?! MY SON BECAME A CRIMINAL!!!!


Time to send him to military school


Have you tried to help him


great troll story


What I would do is to get to the bottom of this and talk to him. If you do not have the time to talk to him, then send him to a therapist.

NPG Starlett

Have him checked out the doctors to test if he has any drugs in his system. He should also be tested for depression, and may have to be put on antidepressants. Because he's now 16, your rights to tell him what to do are diminishing. Just report his drug addict friends and let the school/ police deal with him, and monitor your son's process at school.


Spank him.


You have done this troll so many times you should get an award for stupidest story repeated until even people with subnormal intelligence would quit.


When he gets out send him to military school/


Give him a spanking


It's Bad habits...Give him to advice for remove bad habit.


you can prob put him on the show called, Locked up or scared Straight or tell him how u feel or read a self help book how to deal with teens who are boy's who grow up and their bodies are changing so , they feel out of control.. so some boy's go crazed up and act out.. And control outside of them people , things outside themselves. I KNOW cause that happen to my brother now he is nothing of the sort :) happen to alot of men for instance judge matthis :) there is hope


A six month tour in juvie might straighten him out.


Sounds like either a Dr. Phil show or Jerry Springer show fix? No one can predict how good or bad their kids will grow up to be. Maybe put him in a Scared Straight program so the life in prison guys can tell him what they'll do to him if he shows up in their prison in the near future.


That's so sexy does your son have a phone number?