My 16 year old son wrecked my car?

He asked to borrow my car. He didn't pass his driving license. I told him no, but he drove it anyways. He drove bad and wrecked into a stop sign. He is now in court and the punishment hasn't been decided yet. WHAT DO I DO???????


Ground him. Figure out chores he has to do to pay you back. He's not getting a license for years due to this so make sure your car keys are not accessible. Your insurance company is not going to like this one bit.


Woop him good when he gets home.


First off, you do not go to court and bed for mercy. He needs to learn that illegal acts have consequences. He could get charged with grand theft auto and some serious jail time. They most likely will allow him to plea bargain down, do community service and eventually have it removed from his record. What you should do is get your car fixed.

John P

What you should do is reinforce the message from the court - that your son did a bad thing and that he has to face the consequences. Presumably insurance will not pay out for damage or "total write-off" made by a non-licensed driver, so you would be morally entitled to reduce your son's regular pocket money to emphasise that bad actions can have financial consequences.


Get control of your son or your troubles will continue for years.


Sit down and put your face into your palms. You are now a bonafide victim.

Dru Zod



Don't do a thing. He needs a few nights with Bubba playing with his back door so next time he listens to you when you say NO!!


What you should have done was disciplined him starting when he was a toddler. It's too late now. Expect to be charged with child endangerment.

Obi Wan Knievel

You don't do nuffin. That's what the judge gets paid for, dumbass.


Open up your wallet ...he will be fined and you will be used ,Sparky.


You do nothing but encourage your son to face up to his mistakes and accept the consequences. And do better next time.


he pays the consequence's. it will teach him a lesson. my younger brother always causing trouble dad said when the sheet hits the fan I'm not helping you. sheet it the fan brother did a year in jail. woke his butt up




Let him deal with the consequences of his actions. Tell the courts you did not give permission or you can be held liable, you probably will for damages anyway if you did not file a stolen vehicle report.