Where were the Queen & other royals when servants would have broken the terrible news to them that Prince Philip had been in an RTA?

Were helicopters used to rush each of the royals from wherever they were in the country, or abroad, to Sandringham? Was the Queen put in a secure location where doctor’s could aid her with her distress as she likely held an emergency meeting of her Privy Council?


The Queen is at Sandringham close to where the accident happened.


Yet one more troll.


The Queen was still at Sandringham. The rest of this 'question' - rubbish!! Oh and there were no helicopters there at the time. Air ambulances were not needed. Terrible news? Really?


Oh for god's sake, get a brain, he walked from the car, just a bit shaken up, the queen was informed by phone, no member of the royal family went there.

Clo G.-B.

The Queen is in residence at Sandringham House. She would receive a call. Other royals also would receive a call. There is no need to be taken by helicopter anywhere, nor is there a reason for Privy Council to be called---all the creation of someone's overactive imagination, I fear. The doctors called in to check Philip would also ask the Queen how she was feeling. Ingrid Seward, a royal watcher, has said that the Queen would likely be feeling very annoyed with Philip and that Charles would be even more worried---he wishes that his father would not drive.


The nearest pub to Sandringham.

Baron Clownish

No, they all had a jolly laugh about how Sir Prince Philip normally aims at pheasants, not peasants.


Ignorant troll. You already know the answer as it said on the news where the Queen was.


We pray for you, Prince Phillip, tonight. Jesus hear our prayer.

Sir Prince Kenny

They were down at the local, playing darts, Sir Prince Philip had lost his match and stormed off in a huff.