Will Meghan Markle make a great queen or the best queen?



she will never be queen

David 420™

She's never going to be queen.


I think you already know the answer troll.

robert x

she will never be queen so its immaterial to ask

Jas B

There are currently six people who are in line to succeed to the British throne before the Duchess of Sussex's husband. So she will almost certainly never become Queen.


She will not make any short of Queen, To many in front of her.


She has a lot of people ahead of her before she would ever be queen.


There will need to be many premature deaths of royals for Meghan to become queen.


Will never be Queen as her husband is now behind his nephews and niece in the running...


Unless something happens to Charles, William, George, Charlotte and Louis, Harry will NEVER be King, so his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, will also NEVER be Queen CONSORT.


I think she will make a splendid Queen, she's got off to a fantastic start by winding up the entire royal family and most of the population, Its taken our present Queen 60 years to achieve the same, No work ethic us English.


Neither, she will never be queen, it is charles, then william and then george, and then his children, and so on, harry will never be king, she will never be queen.

Sir Prince Kenny

Unless something really devastating happens to the six in front of him, in the line of succession, She will never be Queen.


This implies a change in the succession which could only be achieved by the death of the eldest heir. Technically, this is treason and in centuries gone by people have been executed for this type of speculation.

Clo G.-B.

Neither. Meghan will never be queen consort as her husband will never be king. Meghan can strive to become a good role model, a tireless worker for various foundations, charities and military appointments.


If and that’s a BIG if she gets to be queen, I’m sure she’ll do the best job she can.

Marie And Alan

No. Hopefully the monarch will be abolished anyway before her time comes.

Chicken George in tweed

Never, she shouldn't have been made a duchess it's above her station.


She will never be Queen, her step mother in law and her husbands sister in law are going to be the next two queens


Only if she caused a divorce between Charles and Camilla she has no chance with William, whatsoever and it will never happen Camilla has a tight rein on Charles


They will be divorced in a couple of years time. So will never be Queen.

blue sky

a good queen