Would it be ok to give flowers to someone who you see as an big sister?

So i am friends with an singer and she sees me as her little brother and i see her as an big sister. She really makes me feel good and we've seen each other two times in person, most recent about 4 weeks ago. I miss her a lot and i cried when i had to part ways with her after i saw her at the small event she was singing at a few weeks ago. Im tracking to houston to see her again in february and im planning on buying her a hand bouquet of dozen roses. I just want to show my appreciation to her, she means everything to me cause she makes feel really good when she interacts with me on Facebook and talks to me. We've talked a lot a few weeks ago when i saw her. I really miss her. Would it be ok to buy her a bouquet of dozen roses when i see her in february?

King Ragnor of Waterford

Keep it up and she will end up getting you charged with stalking and sexual abuse. That's how these things start. Forget her, she is out of your league.

Kaitlin: it is always acceptable to give someone flowers

it is always acceptable to give someone flowers :)

Jael HL

i think it would be a sweet gesture of you