2 Girls. Not sure who to pick to be my girlfriend.?

Us 3 ( 2 ladies and I ) are more like Best Friends. We hangout a lot in a group of people or sometimes by ourselves. They are both looking for a serious long relationship, so am I. I can tell they like me a lot, and they are looking for love. They are both very sweet and very smart. One of them is very cute, but I am not sure if we would have any problems if we get into a relationship. The other girl’s personality would work great if we get in a relationship, but she is kinda tall (same as my height) and not as cute as the other one. I am confused who to pick and what to do. I always went with personality first then cuteness second when it came to choosing a girl. But this time they both have wonderful personality. It’s just I am not sure if I should pick the cute one but not sure if we would have great relationship chemistry. Or pick the great relationship chemistry but not so cute.


Wow, you are not ready for a relationship. When you meet the one, you’ll know. And you wouldnt need to choose between someone else