Has anyone else had a problem where Yahoo Answers suddenly locks you out of your account for good (not just answers but all of Yahoo)?

I was not reported for anything it was just I suddenly cannot log in. Started this new account but now have to email people "New Email" and I've switched to Gmail which is better. I made this account to ask here on Answers has anyone else had this happen? Message I get on old account when trying to log in is that there is no account with that name. I used it daily so it was not inactivity and it is not that I was reported for trolling or anything as I never had any answers taken off and I seldom asked any questions. I don't really want to call a 1-800 number but is there a way to report this problem to Yahoo?

Peter Boiter Woods

There is no real way to report. You may want to try the new service (see reference). It sounds like you either violated the TOS or were hacked.