How do I delete my old yahoo question?



IF your question on Yahoo Answers has no answers yet, you can just go into your question and select Edit>Delete. IF your question on Yahoo Answers DOES have ANY answers, it cannot be deleted. The only way to get it removed if it has answers from others, from that point on, is to have enough accounts report it as a violation, so the system removes it from the display. You cannot edit or change the info you posted, either. All you can do is add updates to clarify it, or make yourself Anonymous (Edit>Post as Anonymous) to hide your identity. This is probably the single most asked question, over time, in the Yahoo Answers subcategory. You can save points and time in the future, by doing a search at the top of the page (type in your question or keywords and press "Search Answers"), to see if the question you have has already been asked/answered. How to delete questions has been asked/answered literally thousands of times since the site was created.


You can only delete them if they have no answers. Click on 'Edit' beside your question and then delete it.


You can only delete your unanswered questions. Use the EDIT button to delete it. Sorry, but if it has an answer the EDIT button no longer shows the DELETE option and you cannot delete your question.

Barkley Hound

There will be an option to delete only if there are no answers.


You can't. Once a question has been answered the asker can't delete it. Keep in mind that Y!A considers all content on this site as their property! (I don't like that but I don't make the rules)

Big Dad

You can't