So, why is it that whenever Trump is in a crisis or in need of one, that suddenly we hear of a caravan of migrants?

that a migrant caravan suddenly is forming in central America with a goal of rushing the US border after a long weeks long march? Usually you would think illegals who want to really sneak in the USA would not announce their intentions like that. You would think forming small groups would be the smarter move. But, when its election time and Trump needs a boost a caravan appears. Now there is this wall thing going on and boom suddenly a caravan is on the way. Is this all a coincidence, and if its not, you would think it should be easy to find out who is forming these caravans, how, and from what countries maybe even very far away.... POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT


Ok you dumbazzes on the left REALLY need to check your meds. Because if you are that f*cking stupid and delusional you are trying to claim Trump is behind the caravan, then you are probably the dumbest person on this website right now and considering it's the POLITICS section, that's saying a lot. Listen closely and utilize that last functioning brain cell you have left; There are 22 million illegals currently living among actual American citizens. Guess what sparky? That number didn't just materialize from Jan 19th 2017 into Jan 20th 2017. They're here, because they traveled here. Get it? It's really depressing and ironic that at the height of our technologic era.....there still exist people whose stupidity would only be rationalized by the lack of round wheels and sliced bread....... Yet here you are. It's sad. It's like, at what point does the benefit of the doubt run out? You're clearly pushing the limits on that.

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Edit: There is NOTHING new about the "caravans". The mainstream media normally doesn't mention them and only covered the one that started in the Fall because the Let assumed it would be negative publicity for the Republicans running in the November elections. Search "Pueblo Sin Fronteras" for info on > one < of the organizations organizing the caravans. Meanwhile in the real world, there are "caravans" being organized constantly by the Soros-backed leftist organizations which do that. .


I listen to an interview on an independent radio show (coast to coast AM). They were talking to a women that is from south America, but mover here in the late 80's she still has family there and has talked about the changes she has seen over the years. 1. She mentioned was the increase in poverty and crime. 2. The other was places set up in strip malls basically taking money from these people, and selling the American dream. But it is a big lie. They are telling them how to do it illegally. Think about this. The 7 year old girl that came with her father and died. It is sad, but why did he take her, and not the other 6 kids, or his wife? Could it be the girl needed medical attention, and this was the best option for them? I don't think it is funded by Trump, or the DNC. I think there is someone standing to profit. It sure makes good news! Could be drug lords, human traffickers, who knows? Believe me while a caravan of 5-10,000 is held up at the crossing, something is going on 100 miles away where there is no fence.


The NRA is paying those ppl to come at the perfect time


That is called "spin" in the Washington political news. Distraction and discerption and dereliction of duty is what is the norm now. Ever since he and his father did outright fraud on tax declarations 30 years ago, Rump has depended on those. How else do you explain bankrupting casino operations and still walking out with full pockets while leaving others with debts?