Why do my answers keep getting deleted?


Son of T3

You are violating the rules in some way and users are reporting the posts. If you want to know the reason for the violation, post "Why was this question (answer) a violation?" and add the original e-mail you got and/or any details you remember so the users can see the exact context. The experienced users here will explain it to you. Many times the violation is not in the question, but in the added details and updates.

Pat Wooden

Read the Yahoo Answers rules on the link below. If your answer violates the rules, you can be reported.


One possible reason is because your answers violate the community guidelines in one way or another.


Because they violate the community guidelines.


The most likely reason is because 1 or more users are reporting them as violations, because they are violations. It's also possible they are being reported, but aren't violations. Without giving us an example of a question you answered, and what your answer was that was removed, all we can do is guess. Review the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service if you aren't sure what is acceptable to post on Yahoo Answers. You can find link to the Terms at the bottom right of the page, and once you click on that, the Community Guidelines are available on the following page in the left pane.

Mr Right

The fact you are even asking this question, basically confirms how ignorant & slow you are... Nothing on this site gets deleted UNLESS it violates the community guidelines. So if that is something that you've failed to understand, I suggest you start learning.