So I should just kill kyself?

Seriously just can't take it. I'm a Black guy 31 tall slim workout light skin work but I'm single. I have a good sense of humor. On dating either dont get replies or get reply and nothing else. Any guy gets women but me. They say black women are easy but why am I single? Offline I don't approach women because if rejection. And u have to have the opportunity. Everybody got them somebody but me. Nobody cares about me.


I do NOT take suicide threats lightly. Some 10 years my best friend made a similar, I thought "flippant," comment. We finished lunch, both went back to work. That night she hanged herself. Talk to a mental health professional. Your threats of suicide are unfair to the people who attempt to answer questions on Yahoo. No one wants to push you over the edge. I have never heard that black women are "easier" than white women. Generalizations along these lines are almost always incorrect.


Dude, stop with the pity parade. Get out there and make your world into what you want it to be. Women... of any color, do not like guys who lack confidence.


no. i love you! please dont!!!


You should never do suicide,please seek out psychiatric help


There's a lot more to life than dating, killing yourself is definitely not the answer.

Eric York

The whole wide world would have been better off if the whole wide world was White people ONLY


Well you just need to get out more it does not happen behind the computer at home you really need to leave the house switch off the computer before you go and put on some Colon and meet up with your mates and go to the nearest night spot have a drink enjoy yourself meet new people and gather telephone numbers even if it's just for a chat always be chatty and polite and by the girls a drink they love that you will be a winner because you will have the phone numbers and you will contact them and you will have girlfriends from left to right coming out of your pocket diary


I don't know you, but killing yourself isn't a good idea. People do care about you, your family and friends. Just because you can't find a girl, doesn't mean you gotta kill yourself. Be patient and you'll find that girl who will love you for you. Start making friends with other women, that's gonna be a start. Don't ever think of killing yourself because you're single.