So, is it true that Yahoo! Answers allows any questions that do not violate Yahoo! Answers community guidelines?



You already know the answer. Odd to spend your YA day pretending not to know how the site functions, as you post about how it functions from experience, repeatedly. You are one or the more rare trolls (pts to you for that). ANY question, whether it's a violation or not, may be posted (as you already know). Violations may or may not remain posted for long, depending on whether or not users report them in an attempt to get them removed.


Yes but expect to get some attention from those delightful and hilarious trolls,


Yes it is True as long as it does not Break any of the Rules you are Free to Post It


you can post anything the community police it but certain details pass through if not reported there are people representing Nazis on here going unchecked so there is some obnoxious stuf you need to avoid both questions and answers but loads of nice decent people that will try and help so give it a go